Bookbinding - June dates for bookings and information, email: [email protected]

Beginner Bookbinding

All the basics in 2 Days !

End your Workshop with 2 gorgeous handmade books.

Price: €80 pp / 2 days Material + handouts included

Time: 10.00-12.00 / 1.00-3.00

- Saturday 2nd + Sunday 3rd June


- Saturday 16th + Sunday 17th June


- Wednesday 27th + Thursday 28th June

By the end of the course you will have learned…

  • How to make 2 complete books from start to finish in your own design.
  • How to look at different types of books and understand how they can be reproduced
  • How to set up a basic book-binding station at home
  • How to make a hardback book, cover and book-block from scratch
  • How to choose, design and make a cover of your choice (using hard card, fabric, paper, fold over leather, ribbons, etc..)
  • How the above techniques can be applied to repair beloved old books, create notebooks, artists sketchbooks, gifts and portfolios.


Small / Private classes - Cork - Summer 2018

All our classes in Cork are located in our lovely space on Capwell Road (10mn walk from city centre and free parking available on demand). All private/one-on-one classes are open for enrolment. To benefit from Special Offer rates, 2 students minimum need to enrol at the same time. If you wish to enrol but do not know anybody who wishes to join the same workshop, we can keep you on a waiting list until other people register with us.

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French Classes & Activities in French

Learn French at your own pace.. Improve and reach your goals..

Price €30 for 1h30 (including hand-outs, tea/coffee) - Trial session/Evaluation 1h/15€ (Special OFFER = 120€ for 8 sessions (minimum 2 students)

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Drawing & Painting - All Levels

Traditional Art Classes - Learn to paint and draw well or improve your skills with qualified, patient and dynamic teachers.

(Special OFFER = 160€ for 8 sessions (minimum 2 students) - Private sessions €40 for 2h (including art material and tea/coffee) - Minimum 2 sessions

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Full Introduction to Colour Mixing, Drawing Mediums and Techniques - Beginners & Improvers

All the basics in one day.. All you ever wanted to ask.. With practical exercises. One day Workshops.

(Special OFFER = 45€ for full day (minimum 2 students) - Private session €60 for full day (including material & hand-outs and tea/coffee) 10.00-12.00 / 1.00-3.00

Portfolio Building & Artistic Coaching Sessions

Creative support and experimentation for all Artistic Levels

(Special OFFER = 160€ for 8 sessions (minimum 2 students) - Portfolio / Coaching Private sessions €40 for 2h (including basic material, hand-outs, tea/coffee) - Online support included between sessions.

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Beginner Bookbinding & Bookmaking

All the basics in 4 wonderful lessons! End your Workshop with 2 gorgeous professional hand-made books.

(Special OFFER = 160€ for 8 sessions (minimum 2 students) - Private sessions €40 for 2h (including material, hand-outs, tea/coffee) - Minimum 2 sessions / full Beginners course covered in 4 sessions

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Beginner Bookbinding & Bookmaking - 2 Days intensive Workshop

All the basics 2 Days! End your Workshop with 2 gorgeous professional hand-made books.

€80 p/person, Small Groups ( Minimum 3 people) - OR Private sessions €100 for 2 full days 10.00-12.00 / 1.00-3.00 (including material, hand-outs and tea/coffee)

Post-Beginner Bookbinding & Bookmaking - 1 day Workshop

Improve your techniques and work on your personal projects

Private session €50 for full day 10.00-12.00 / 1.00-3.00 (including material, hand-outs and tea/coffee) - Open to students who have completed the Beginner's course..

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Shadow Puppets Workshops

An exiting art and craft experience for children and young adults, as well as a unique opportunity for young story tellers and actors to participate in the creation of a small play.

Small Groups - Minimum 3 participants - €45 p/p for full day 10.00-12.00 / 1.00-3.00 (including material, hand-outs)


Group Evening classes - CLOSED (Back in Sept/Oct 2018)

St John's Central College of Further Education and Training

Sawmill Street, Cork, Ireland
T: +353 21 4255500
E: [email protected]

Details & registration :

Bookbinding & Bookmaking - Beginners and Improvers

A hands-on course where students will learn the principles of Bookbinding, make a few beautiful books, learn basic repairs and work on a personal project... read more here..

Thursdays 20.00-22.00 - Price: €120 / 10 weeks - Starting date: 1st February 2018.

Comic Book Illustration and Creative Writing workshops - All Levels

If you love drawing or writing short stories, this workshop is for you. - Open to aspiring authors as well as illustrators, we'll covers the basic aspects of comic book design as well as creative writing. You will be looking at different styles of writing and illustration, story board and story line structures. No experience is necessary, only motivation and a genuine interest in Comic Books or Illustration. It is open to young adults as well as adults, people wishing to work in collaboration or alone. You can choose to focus on writing or illustration or both.

Wednesdays 18.00-20.00 - Price: €100 / 10 weeks - Starting date: 31st January 2018


French Conversation for Travel & Work - Post-Beginners onwards

This workshop will be focussing on conversations with specific themes tourists and professionals might encounter while travelling abroad to a French speaking country. It is open to people who already have basic rudimentary French and wish to get more confident in their conversation skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Themes such as social greetings, hotel booking, buying in shops, ordering food, talking about likes and dislikes and preferences, as well as the specific vocabulary necessary for these conversations will be addressed during the sessions.

Thursdays 18-19.30 - €95 / 10 weeks - Starting date: 1st February 2018.

Introduction to Art History

A very dynamic and highly enjoyable introduction to major artists & movements from Antiquity to Modern Art.

Besides rediscovering famous work of arts by learning their actual context in history, participants will: – Learn how to identify the techniques used, – Discover notable female artists from each period, as well as other less recognised art movements and artists, – Build or further their understanding of the major periods of Western Art History, – Have a genuinely rewarding and enjoyable time!... read more here..

Wednesdays 20.30-22.00 - €95 /10 weeks - Starting date: 31st January 2018

Douglas Community School - Adult and Community Education

Clermont Avenue, Douglas, Cork, Ireland
T: +353 21 429 4201
E: [email protected]

Details & registration :  

French Beginners - Mondays 18.30-20.00, 110€ /10 weeks - Starting date: End of January 2018 (tbc)

French Intermediate - Mondays 20.00-21.30, 110€ /10 weeks - Starting date: End of January 2018 (tbc)

Dynamic, fun courses, led by a native French speaking teacher with more than 15 years' experience. For more information on Levels contact teacher at: [email protected]


Meet the teacher : Since 1994, Laurie Legrand has been teaching in Cultural Centres, Workshops and Schools as well as privately in various European countries, in English, French and more here...

Enquiry email: [email protected]