Beginners Bookbinding & Bookmaking Workshop

All the basics in 4 lessons


Private Tuition / Small Groups

This wonderful, and very high quality course, is a step by step Introduction to bookbinding. It is open to students of all levels interested in bookbinding, book repair and building customised presentations for 2D works.

By the end of the course you will have learned´┐Ż

  • How to make 2 complete books from start to finish in your own design.
  • How to look at different types of books and understand how they can be reproduced
  • How to set up a basic book-binding station at home
  • How to make a hardback book, cover and book-block from scratch
  • How to choose, design and make a cover of your choice (using hard card, fabric, paper, fold over leather, ribbons, etc..)
  • How the above techniques can be applied to repair beloved old books, create notebooks, artists sketchbooks, gifts and portfolios.

Course Breakdown:

  • Session 1- Introduction: different types of books, making of book no.1 (selection of materials and making of book-block)
  • Session 2- Book no.1 continuation (selection of materials and making of cover)
  • Session 3- Making of book no.2 (selection of materials and making of book-block) - Personal project or repair
  • Session 4- Book no.2 continuation (selection of materials and making of cover) - Conclusion

Every student is advised to bring: - A pen or pencil, a notepad, a folder

For bookings and equiry email: [email protected]