Portfolio & Artistic Coaching

Creative support and experimentation for all Artistic Levels


Private Sessions

Portfolio Course: This practical and flexible workshop is based on the portfolio guidelines given either by the school the student wishes to enter, or the medium and skills the aspiring artist wishes to present.

It will give the student a chance to explore specific themes, build a convincing presentation both technically and argumentatively, as well as refer to relevant artists and artistic periods.

In this course, students will learn´┐Ż

  • to read and analyse a proposition
  • to discover ways to develop projects and ideas
  • to practice techniques they might be struggling with
  • (if at an early stage) students will learn about main painting and drawing mediums
  • (for more advanced students) to perfect a chosen technique, thus allowing inspiration to flow without technical boundaries
  • the advantages of research and sketchbook for future reference as well as for pleasure
  • to explore and develop one's own style.
  • about art, artists, artistic movements and styles, as well as develop a critical eye both for techniques as well as creative strategies.

Artistic Coaching : This new and exiting workshop addresses the common and natural obstacles encountered by artists of all levels in the course of their practice.

Every session will include .

  • personalised, dynamic exercises and strategies
  • constructive feed back
  • brainstorming and preparative work for specific projects (including exhibitions, etc..)
  • practice of techniques one might be struggling with
  • inspirational exercises designed to enhance creativity, inspire beyond artist's block and create a more fertile and flexible attitude towards one's own practice
  • the advantages of research and keeping a sketchbook for future reference as well as for pleasure

The sessions will be lead by an experienced teacher and artist, with experience in coaching. Free online support between sessions is included in the price.


For bookings and equiry email: [email protected]